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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  January 23, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. new at 11:00, how do you really measure the state of our union? we crunch the numbers and ask some tough questions. now see what we found. plus topper is tracking an end to this icy weather, but your commute may have a different problem. but first tonight, dc is thrust into the cross hairs of the national abortion debate
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again. find out how one politician wants to target the district. this is 9news now. tonight an arizona congressman has introduced a bill that would ban late term abortions in the district. this came on the same day that thousands protested roe verse wade. >> kristin fischer has been down on the national mall all day, and i'm guessing the timing of this bill is no coincidence? >> reporter: no question. and, you know, this isn't just a women's right issue. this is about dc voting rights. here you have a congressman who represents a district all the way on the other side of the country. and he's trying to pass a bill that would only impact the district of columbia. >> what i'm saying is the truth. >> reporter: pro life and pro choice supporters squared off outside the u.s. supreme court. >> i'm challenging you. >> reporter: today was dominated by march for life.
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>> we will be. >> reporter: but the evening gave way to a vigil for choice. >> choice for women. >> reporter: the national organization for wn 's annual vigil was rocked by news from an arizona congressman. republican representatives introduced a bill that would ban the abortion of fetuses 20 weeks or older but only in the district of columbia. >> if he believes that abortion should be a crime prior to 20 weeks, then he should introduce it for the entire country. but to introduce it only for the women of the district of columbia is an act of cowardness on his part. >> reporter: terry o'neill is the president of the national organization for women. this bill is nothing more than an attempt to challenge roe verse wade. >> we are deeply concerned that they will reach out and deny woman our fundamental rights if they have the opportunity. this congressman is simply trying to give the court one more opportunity to do that. >> reporter:
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to reverse roe ver cess sus wade. >> reporter: the mark is a key cutoff because that's when they believe a fetus can feel pain. >> the doctors rip babies apart. that's what it is. it's murder. >> reporter: but terry o'neill isn't buying it. >> there is no scientific evidence to support that. that is a false claim that's been floating around. are you ready for this, since the 1970s. >> reporter: now, dc's delegates and congress says she will be working with her allies in congress to defeat this bill. as for representative frank, we could not reach him for comment tonight. anita. >> all right. thanks so much, kristin. we dealt with the ice all weekend, but tonight we have a different problem to talk about. topper shutt joins us live on the weather terrace to tell us what is going on. top. >> we got fog in the forecast. we mentioned this earlier. i want to show you some very cool video that we shot earlier tonight of the cathedral. it kind of shrouded in fog and
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it's pretty cool. kind of eerie almost. it's going to allow a little extra time. visibility right now is not too bad. in fact, five miles in gaithersburg down to 10 miles in manassas. and seven miles in starved. we get up towards martinsburg, only a mile and a half and only a half a mile near westminster. there will be pockets of fog. what do you do, use your low beams coming to work early. it's going to be worse north and west of town and it could affect you early birders 5:00 or 6:00. 43 right now. guess what, that is the new high for today. temps keep going up. fog to start and sunshine by #k9. we'll come back and -- 9:00. we'll come back and tell you how the rest of tuesday will turn out. >> see you then, topper. president obama was still working on tomorrow's state of the union address earlier today and we'll be there to cover it, of course. but the annual ritual had uz wondering. >> are we in good shape or not? >> the fact there is no real
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answer did not stop gary nurenberg from giving it a shot 22 hours before the president. gary, what do you have for us? >> reporter: i have more questions than answers, unfortunately. how do you measure the fact we're out of iraq and drawing down in afghanistan. fewer american kids will die as a result, but some worry we're endangering the mission in afghanistan. we got osama bin laden, but iran is closer to having nuclear power. a 25-year-old can stay on a parent's health insurance. preexisting condition doesn't bite as much. but free americans are being ordered to buy health insurance whether they want it or not. each says something about the state of the union. but, again, opinion as to whether it's good or bad. hard to measure. but some things you can measure. because some things are different now than they were then. january 20th, 2009, gas cost $1.49 a gallon. now it's $3.38. the national debt was 10.6 trillion. now it's 15.2 trillion. unemployment rate then 7.8%.
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now 8.5. the republican take. >> three years later, what we have are 13 million people still without jobs. we have 49 million people in poverty. over the last three years, there have been a lot of promises that have gone unanswered. we have seen a lot of rhetoric. we haven't seen a whole lot of results. >> reporter: january 20th, 2009, the dow jones closed at 7949. it closed at 12,007. growth in the gross domestic product was minus 6.2%. >> 3.2 million private sector jobs created over 22 months. steady economic growth. the salvation of an iconic american industry, the automobile industry. >> reporter: the inflation rate then 3 .8%. now 3.2. what cost $1 in 1984 cost $2 in january 2009 cost $2.26 now. the economy is the principal theme. but it is not the only subject
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of the address. >> reporter: the crime rate was falling 4.4% then. it's falling 6.4% now. and the basic structure of the government we count on to keep our democracy a democracy to keep the united states the united states, trust in our leaders, that is the part of the state of the union. disapproval ratings for congress, 84% last week. for the president, disapproval 46%. president bush 8 years ago and president clinton 8 years ago, president obama's state of the union comes in an election year where he's trying to get reelected. it's a political speech as well. whatever the president proposes tomorrow, he will be on the road to sell it over the next few days in swing state. swing states he wants to win in november. anita and lesli. >> gary, thank you. just minutes ago, four republicans looking to replace president obama wrapped up their latest debate in tampa, florida. things got heated between mitt romney and newt gingrich after
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romney went after gingrich's work in hollywood. he accused him of being a lobbyist. here is part of the exchange. >> we didn't do anything. >> medicaid. >> we didn't do any work with the government. i didn't have an office in k street. i never worked in washington. >> so -- >> you have congressman who say that you came and lobbied them. at the same time your center was taking in contributions. >> you just jumped a long way over here. >> gingrich says he was a consultant for freddie mac and served as a public advocate for medicare. he argued there is a difference between advocacy and lobbying. romney's tax returns will be released in hours. to night the tsa is -- tonight the tsa is handling
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republican ran paul of kentucky. an alarm went off today when he stepped through a security checkpoint at a national airport. when paul refused the pat down, officers escorted him out of the screening area. one hour later security allowed him to go through the screener again and this time it didn't go off. >> why did it take so much to figure out that just get back in line and go right through the screening again? >> the senator says the tsa detained him. the tsa says no it didn't. screeners simply followed security protocol. it is worth noting paul's father ron, the republican candidate for president, says if he's elected, he says he would eliminate the tsa altogether. he's out on bond, but certainly not out of trouble. tonight a former cia officer faces charges of repeatedly leaking classified information to reporters. he's 47-year-old john kareoko of arlington. at a brief hearing a judge said bond at $250,000.
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he leaked information that included the identities of cia operatives involved in capturing and questioning terrorist suspects. he has spoken out publicly about the cia's use of water boring and other interrogation measures. a public viewing will be held tomorrow for the late joe paterno on the penn state campus. the 85-year-old died sunday morning, less than three months after being diagnosed with lung cancer. a private funeral for the former head football coach will be held on wednesday with a memorial service in the university's basketball arena on thursday. penn state is now working with the family to honor paterno's legacy, despite firing him last november for the way he handled the child abuse sex scandal there. his long time friend charles pittman who played for penn state says the pressure was just too much for his former coach. >> i think ultimately he succumbed because they took away his will to live. i think he died of a broken
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heart. >> pennsylvania's governor has ordered flags at all state facilities to be lowered to half staff in honor of joe paterno. turning now to the powerful storms that slammed the southeast, at least two people have died in alabama after the violent weather ripped through overnight. many of the people living in the birmingham area believe it was, in fact, a tornado that caused the destruction nearly 100 suffered injuries from the storm, while 10s of thousands of others are in the dark tonight still without power. firefighters spent the day going house to house checking for victims. >> what did you see when you got down there? >> pretty much all the houses gone. people out there trying to dig through stuff. it took one guy out of the house on the door. he was all bloodied up. he went to the hospital. >> they always say the basement is the safe place. this time i'm glad i wasn't there because we would have been killed because the house collapsed on to the basement. >> violent storms also hit parts of tennessee, mississippi and
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arkansas. still ahead tonight, a new meaning to as seen on tv. an 8-year-old saves the life of his baby brother with something he saw on the tube. plus a health alert. a break through in research could bring new hope to the blind. that is coming up.
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an update now on the deadly pedestrian accident in prince george's county. police have identified the victim bernette tucker butler. a maintenance worker driving a school van must have backed over the 48-year-old. she died at the scene. it happened this morning at samuel chase elementary in temple hills. butler had no ties to the school and may have just been passing through. the u.s. supreme court has handed law enforcement a rare de seat deceit. the decision creates a major set back for the government and police who have increasingly relied on this type of high tech surveillance. the decision stemmed from a case from dc restaurant owner jones. they helped link him to a
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maryland house used to stash money and drugs. jones was sentenced to life in prison but in appeals court reversed that conviction. is john hinckley still obsessed with murdering a president? should he be released from the psychiatric ward for a week at a time to visit his mother in virginia? those are the questions a federal judge is trying to figure out. during today's hearing on his mental state, a secret service agent testified that hinkley got books on presidential assassination and now a store worker has come forward. he says he asked him last august about books on presidential assassinations. the employee says at the time he did not recognize him. in tonight's health alert, a break through in the area of human embryonic stem cell research. stem cells were injected into the eyes of two patients with
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maco -- mack lar -- macular degeneration. it performed better on standardized eye tests four months later. the use of stem cells is controversial because using them involves destroying a human embryo. crews hope to take a human catastrophe from being an environmental one. we're talking about the overturned cruise ship. today divers recovered two bodies from the ship's internet cafi. the number of missing at 23. search leaders say the recovery mission is dangerous and difficult. >> we are seeing a lot of things floating. trays, tables and so on. >> passengers plan to file a class action lawsuit. at this point they're seeking half a billion dollars in damages. parents sometimes worry
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their children will mimic what they see on television, but for one family in georgia, that turned out to be a good thing. it helped to save a life of their 2-year-old son. 8-year-old malik and his 2-year-old brother michael were playing in the house while the parents were working on the outside. michael asked for a piece of candy. just seconds after he ate the peppermint and he began to choke. he gave his little brother the heimlich maneuver. >> he did it one time. i said it ain't coming. he kept doing it. after awhile that peppermint came out. oh, thank you. malik, thank you, baby. [ laughing ] >> all right. the clayton county fire department is going to present malik with an award tomorrow and it also happens to be his 9th birthday. they say it is extremely rare for a boy that age to show that
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kind of awareness in helping to save his brother's life. what a little guy. >> i loved grandma's play-by-play. >> that was the best. >> oh, yes. that is one of the best parts of the story. >> he can hang that over his little brother the rest of his life. >> remember. you know. don't tell on me. >> that's right. >> no more pep arement for you. we're looking at a little -- peppermint for you. we're looking at a little bit of fog. it's warmer than last week. let's start with our live shot at weather cam brought to you by michael and son. live shot of the capitol. wind breezy. just a little breezy tonight. you see the flag on the right side just whipping a little bit. nothing crazy out there. a little fog. a little reduced visibility. so keep that in mind. temperature wise, in is as warm as it's been. winds out of the south, southwest at 11. eroding our old air damming. if you want to know what that is, go to our website and check
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out my blog. 42 in rockville. temperatures are really pretty uniform. 41 in late ensville. so here is the deal. some dense fog is possible overnight, especially north and west of town where there is a little bit more snow cover. it could affect the very early aum am cute. it could be -- a.m. commute. it could be a small problem. tuesday ends up beautiful. a terrific tuesday. we're looking at a colder wednesday. the cold front goes through. pretty much unnoticed. it will drop temperatures just a hair on wednesday. but for january, no big deal. all right. overnight mostly cloudy. chilly. some dense fog. lows 37-43. and temps either steady or rising now with the light winds. and then for tomorrow morning, returning mostly sunny and cool. grab your shades. 30s and 40s. and quite frankly primarily 40s tomorrow morning. temperatures southwest at 10. and then by afternoon, wow, what a day. mostly sunny and mild.
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just gorgeous. high temperatures near 55. a light jacket will do you. and winds still southwest at 10. those winds will turn northwesterly tomorrow night as a cold front goes through and ushers in that just a little bit cooler air. no arctic air in sight for a while. some fog. fantastic by noon. 46-51 with sunshine. mostly sunny at 5:00. temperatures in the low to mid 50s. a terrific tuesday. now, the next three days, behind the front a little bit cooler. 46 on wednesday. still above average. some clouds come in late. and then on thursday rain and showers develop. high temperatures in the upper 40s. so just a little bit on the cool side. still above average, though. next seven days, once the system rolls out of here on thursday, we're actually going to be left with a pretty nice friday. clouds in the morning. sunshine. temperatures in the low to mid 50s again. and then we're looking at colder air on the weekend. mid 30s on highs for sunday. upper 30s next monday. you might want to do it now.
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you might want to plan on skiing this weekend. they're going to get natural snow and they're going to make fake snow. the caps got the news they did not want tonight. >> yes, yes. it's never good when you lose a player for an extended period of time. especially the captain. >> yes. >> harsh. >> it was a little harsh. the caps are preparing to play without their captain. but for how long? the latest on ov's suspension. plus the super bowl is set. reaction today coming up next in sports.
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. now 9 sports with kristen berset. >> the last game from the all star break the caps will have to play without air captain. they handed out ovechkin a three-game suspension for a hit on pittsburgh's michalek. ov launched himself. his feet leaving the ice. he was not hurt. ovechkin was not penalized. he is still going to play on the
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all star game if he wants to. wizards taking on the 76ers. the start of the game, talk about fore shadowing. a turnover on the very first possession. nick young gets tripped. brand gets the dunk. and then in the second down 21. crawford with behind the back dribble. he drives for two. not much excite. the sixers roll over the wizards 103-83. if you missed either of the weekend conference championships, you missed good games. both games decided by three points, but in the end there were only two left standing. the baltimore ravengz were not one of them -- ravens were not one of them. they spent the day cleaning out their lockers thinking about what could have been. just a couple hours north, the new york giants arriving back home excited to be heading back to the big game. a rematch of the '08 super bowl
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in which they ended new england's perfect season. >> it's a big game. >> we're preparing for the task at hand. and that's to win a super bowl. once the celebration was over in the locker room, guys come back home and get ready for work. >> to the college game, george mason hosting unc wilmington. pearson got hot. nice dunk right there. he had four dunks on the night. 20 points. patriots up one. they go on to get their 8th straight win. 67-61. quarterfinals top seeded was in reaction but she's in trouble. dropping the first set to 11 seed. that match now in the second set. she is trying to hang in there. finally tonight, coaches like to preach hustle in basketball. yes, they do. but for this glenn wood high school player, great hustle.
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this game trying to avoid it going out of bounds. but watch. goes in the basket. >> no. >> is that real? >> but that's the wrong basket. >> oh. >> he scored for the other team. >> uh-oh. >> i guess that was real. >> scored for the other team. >> really good for the other team. >> but even more news, his team still ends up winning. so he wasn't the most hated player at the end of the game. >> yes. because they might have switched up. >> pretty cool. >> that would not have been a good ending. >> he hustled. he got the ball. >> we'll be right back. ring, ring.
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happy chinese new year. tonight thousands of people lined the streets of hong kong to enjoy the 17th annual new year night parade. >> it was one part mardi gras and one part vegas. if you're talking vegas, you're talking elvis. >> you have to love the dragons and the elvises. ♪ let's rock, everybody let's ro ♪ >> oh, an enduring legacy. somewhere up there elvis must be smiling it's the year of the dragon. >> that's it for us.
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